Advent Calendar with tasks. DIY Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar with tasks. DIY Advent Calendar

What do you need:

- cardboard,

- red, black and white sheet of paper,

- a sheet of paper with numbers 1-24,

- jute twine,

- Christmas tree chain,

- Christmas decorations,

- pencil,

- pen,

- ruler,

- scissors,

- glue,

- hot glue.

Tasks for the Advent Calendar

1. Make a lantern from the jar

2. Create a paper chain for the Christmas tree

3. Color a Christmas picture

4. Go for a winter walk

5. Learn the song about Santa

6. Write a letter to Santa

7. Tidy your bedroom

8. Make a fragrant citrus decoration

9. Bake cookies

10. Decorate the cookies

11. Create Christmas cards

12. Make paper decorations for the Christmas tree

13. Build something Christmas out of Lego bricks

14. Learn to say "Happy Holidays" in different languages

15. Learn a poem about Santa Claus

16. Watch a Christmas movie

17. Learn the names of Santa's reindeer

18. Make a snowman using any technique

19. Sing Christmas carols

20. Decorate the house for the holidays

21. Play Santa Claus. Sneak up on your loved ones and call Ho, Ho, Ho ...

22. Make a Christmas wreath

23. Feed the birds on a walk

24. Take a family Christmas photo

25. Make a telescope to look for the first star

26. Make snowflakes out of paper

27. Read the story about the birth of Jesus

28. Read the story of the three kings

29. Read the story about Santa Claus

30. Make a garland of popcorn

31. Read about Christmas traditions

32. Write and illustrate a Christmas book

33. Hang the mistletoe

34. Go get the Christmas tree

35. Dress up the Christmas tree

36. View the nativity scene

37. Go sledding / skating

38. Make hot chocolate



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