DIY: How to make an advent calendar

DIY: How to make an advent calendar

What do you need:

- gift paper,

- branch or stick,

- twine,

- ribbon,

- cones,

- glue,

- hot glue,

- scissors,

- pencil,

- ruler,

- sweets, small presents.

You may use different size of paper to make various bags, for example:

- 32x29 cm/ 13x10" - bag size 12x21 cm/ 5x8",

- 29x21 cm/ 11x8" - bag size 10x15 cm/ 4x6",

- 25x19 cm/ 10x7"- bag size 9x13 cm/ 3,5x5",

- 25x16 cm/ 10x6"- bag size 9x11 cm/ 3,5x4".

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