DIY children's board game Colors. Learning colors.

DIY children's board game Colors. Learning colors.

What do you need:

- white large piece of paper,

- 6 pieces of color paper,

- game dice,

- plastic bottle cap, small pawns etc

- something for circle template (etc glass, large bottle cap),

- colored markers,

- pencil,

- ruler,

- scissors,

- glue,

- adhesive tape,

- double-side adhesive tape.

Game rules

- The player moves his pawn to the circles with same color as rolled with dice.

- The move can only be made to an adjacent circle.

- You can move forward, sideways and diagonally.

- The player does not move if the adjacent circle do not have the color indicated by the dice.

- Only one pawn can stand in the circle.

- To end the game, the player must roll one of the 3 colors on the finish circle.

Game goal:

Getting to the finish as soon as possible.

The game is perfect for young children to learn colors.

Let's play. 🎲😃 👍

Audio: Josefina (YouTube Audio Library)