DIY children's board game "Arrows" 🎲♟

DIY children's board game "Arrows".

What do you need:

- white large piece of paper,

- colored sheets of paper,

- game dice,

- plastic bottle cap, small pawns etc

- something for circle template (etc glass, large bottle cap),

- colored markers,

- pencil,

- ruler,

- scissors,

- glue,

- adhesive tape.

Make a game with your child, it will be extra fun. You can also draw fields with colored pencils This game is cheap and takes up less space than the next game box.

Game rules: 🎲♟

- Players move their pawn by the number of spaces they roll dice.

- Several pawns can stand in one field.

- When a player stands on the field from which the arrow comes out he moves his pawn to the field indicated by the arrow.

Game goal:

Getting to the finish as soon as possible. 👍

Audio: Clover 3 (YouTube Audio Library)